About Us

N D Jain School is going to be a center of excellent schooling. The School is a beautifully designed architecture. While constructing we kept all the small requirements of tiny tots in mind to frame this concrete structure as a learning powerhouse. It is located in the sub-urbs of  Bah  and is  the best of modern infrastructure and facilities for students to pursue education without any distraction. Entire campus is E – connected and every section is linked through a campus wide network. Campus is designed to let you and your ward feel no difference from home.

At N D Jain School, we have fully equipped  Science Laboratories, Computer labs with latest make of machines makes the campus a place where child will love to learn.

We caters the need of every segment of society We caters the need of every segment of society It is striving for upliftment  of the society with ireative, inquisitive and persevering making the students familiar with Indian tradition  peace and non-voilence

Founder’s Message

We a vision to establish an educational institution that goes   Far beyond the regular academic and cultural aspects.

A temple Where children’s are taught to be competitive & to uphold rich  Indian culture & traditions. Education is a journey, starts from   the day child born. A child starts learning formally/informally with curiosity through creative & enjoyable process of  education. Creating a new school is an exciting & challenging  experience. ND Jain School provides immense opportunity to all associated in its development in these early years. I feel that greatest service to mankind through education our zeal & dedication has put the school on the path of process. ND Jain School   strongly believes in overall growth of an individual moreover learning should be an enjoyable journey with in a disciplined culture and that starts at ND Jain School Bah.