Features & Facilities

At ND Jain School, we are committed to provide best facilities for overall development of your child.

Better Teachers

A well qualified and efficient staff is Supervised by managing committee.

Comfortable Classes

 Well designed electric system with Generator and inverter. All classes Are air-cooled  


Well stuffed and updated library with more than 1000 books on different topics, by notable writers.

Co-curricular activities

Activities other than studies like playing  Sports, participating in cultural activities And other events.    

Next- Gen Classrooms

We employ next generation digital classrooms for better understanding Of topics by students. Conference Hall facilitated with OHP presentation.

Special Classes

Carrier classes by professionals,  Business Tycoons. Govt. Departmental Head, Motivators.

Campus & School Life

We have comfortable classrooms, next-gen education system, sports facilities and Co-curricular activities opportunities.
ND Jain School believes that education is a journey that never ends. The endeavour is to frame an individual who can accommodate into any culture of this global village. The institution’s philosophy is founded on the belief that every individual has his/her own trajectory of learning.