Our Mission and Vision


The epicentre of contemporary education” Education, The process of moulding young minds to proven geniuses, Who later become the future of the World. At GVP we encapsulate the dream of every parent and the same time we make sure that tiny tots are turning into what best they can deliver in. They are left free to choose wisely under the highest degree of supervision from Faculty and management of GVP. We take care of child’s overall growth as in terms of mental and physical with providing them the highest level of facilities.


Fully equipped Gymnasium, Science Laboratories, Computer labs with latest make of machines makes the campus a place where child will love to learn.
At GVP we caters the need of every segment of society like Regular education, day boarding based and Full boarding based systems.
For boarding purpose we have almost 300 + accommodation hostel available on the campus which is fully equipped and has separate sections for boys and girls.

School Life

Goverdhan Vidyapeeth believes that education is a journey that never ends. The endeavour is to frame an individual who can accommodate into any culture of this global village. The institution’s philosophy is founded on the belief that every individual has his/her own trajectory of learning. So to cater this need we train our faculty to cultivate each individuals basic instincts other than formal education. And to reap out the best of an individual from all time vicinity of their mentors we have a fully on campus residential faculty team. This enables the student to become a self-confident and disciplined individual, who is engineered to face any situation and challenge that life may throw at him boldly and emerge victorious.


The school will be a centre for excellence in Education.In keeping with the rich heritage of India, it will implicate the simultaneous development of spirit, Mind and Body and try to create responsible and innovative students committed to change and progress in the development of India and the global environment.


The institution’s philosophy is founded on the belief that every individual has his/her own trajectory of learning.
 At ND Jain School, we are committed to develop child’s personality through physical emotional, intellectual and spiritual development, to develop tolerance, brotherhood, patriotism, humility and sensitivity towards the environment, to develop the potential of each child in a friendly and caring atmosphere, to involve parents in the life of the school through parent-teacher meetings and to develop responsible citizens who care for their community and the country at large.